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sour dough starter question


Posted 10:07 am, 12/01/2018

What is the recipe for the starter? I use to know these but since have forgotten it.

sparkling water

Posted 8:47 am, 03/26/2017

Well, I'm hungry.


Posted 8:29 am, 03/26/2017

"Take the starter out of the fridge, discard all but 4 ounces, and feed it as usual with 4 ounces water and 4 ounces flour. Let it rest at room temperature for about 12 hours, until bubbly. Repeat as necessary, every 12 hours, until you notice the starter doubling or tripling in volume in 6 to 8 hours. That means it's strong enough to leaven bread".


Posted 8:23 am, 03/26/2017

Should be fine. Proof it and see.


Posted 8:12 am, 03/26/2017

And here is another question. If you have a sour dough starter and it has been in your frig. for about 4-5 mos. , is it still good or do I have to start over again ?


Posted 8:09 am, 03/26/2017

I know some wimen will wonder why it is that yeast multiplies best at that temp. I don't know but it's a good question. Maybe a curse?


Posted 7:41 am, 03/26/2017

Sourdough needs a moist 98 degree environment to rise. Too hot and you will kill it. Too cold and it will not spring to life.


Posted 7:31 am, 03/26/2017

"For active dry yeast, the water temperature should be between 105 and 110�F for proofing. While 95�F is the best temperature for yeast to multiply, that's not quite warm enough for proofing active dry yeast. It needs the extra warmth to dissolve and become active"

You're welcome.


Posted 11:38 am, 03/25/2017

you shouldn't be putting your starter in the fridge during the first 3-5 days....this will keep it from fermenting. it should be stored at room temperature.

after that..when you add the equal parts milk and flour, use a wooden spoon and stir it very gently just enough to mix it.


Posted 11:23 am, 03/25/2017

I am trying to get a sourdough starter going. according to the recipe I have I make the starter and refrigerate it for 3/5 days before I feed it. My question is this do I stir the mixture while I am keeping it in fridge.

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