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Cooper gets a big win and Trump.gave it to him


Posted 5:51 pm, 07/26/2020

Well, Jacksonville is out too. What are the sniffers going to do now? Have the convention in Boomer ROTFLMAO


Posted 11:11 am, 07/18/2020

What will the sniffers do if Jacksonville changes their minds too and bars the virus spreading GOPhers?


Posted 5:17 pm, 06/28/2020

Thank God the virus carrying Republitords are going to Florida instead


Posted 3:22 pm, 06/15/2020

All the BS is coming from.the Repubican side. Don't worry they will be flushed in November


Posted 2:33 am, 06/15/2020

The BS keeps getting deeper and deeper on here, I now need hip boots to read this bull crap......


Posted 10:48 pm, 06/14/2020

You're thinking of beer before liquor


Posted 10:35 pm, 06/14/2020

You do know mixing beer and whine is called a train wreck, don't you?


Posted 9:48 pm, 06/14/2020

Can you spare a Schlitz? I need a beer after listening to your gargle.


Posted 9:46 pm, 06/14/2020

Taking up for gumbo will get you nowhere, clown, so quit your beeching about my unique words, you leftist schlit.


Posted 9:42 pm, 06/14/2020

As Milksop hurls another insult. Pretty much the only one he has. Mr. Originality.


Posted 9:00 pm, 06/14/2020

Only excuse for you clown is you're just another leftist schlit!


Posted 8:56 pm, 06/14/2020

But I thought anything Trump related brought in hundreds of thousands or is that just a lie. So excuse me, around 50,000.


Posted 8:53 pm, 06/14/2020

There's that word the leftist schlitZ exclaim when they lose another round.


Posted 8:12 pm, 06/14/2020

You all are funny!


Posted 8:05 pm, 06/14/2020

Whatever Milksop


Posted 8:04 pm, 06/14/2020

MichSt66 (view profile)

Posted 3:21 pm, 06/14/2020

No one is celebrating the loss of money but it's obvious with spikes coming that the last thing NC needs is hundreds of thousands floking to the area from all over with the refusal to follow guidelines

So you are already predicting a Democrat crowd of protesters and rioters. Or should I say a "flok"


Posted 5:32 pm, 06/14/2020

Quit exaggerating clown, it's NOT hundreds of thousands that would have come in for the convention.


Posted 3:21 pm, 06/14/2020

No one is celebrating the loss of money but it's obvious with spikes coming that the last thing NC needs is hundreds of thousands floking to the area from all over with the refusal to follow guidelines. Trump showed his ***. This is on him. Cooper as usual tried to negotiate but Trump took one out of Bergers playbook and packed up his toys and went home.


Posted 2:01 am, 06/14/2020

Only the democrats would consider losing 150 to 200 million dollars a victory. Not counting the businesses that will go out of business and people that will lose their jobs. A political convention is not a Seattle summer of love street festival. The convention itself is a enclosed secured environment, even the Democrats required identification for its delegates(just not for voting in an election). We have read, even on here, that Republicans should leave the country, die, or to do impossible acts to ourself but now you are concern about our health and afraid we won't be around to vote in November. Since you are concerned about our health, I will be concerned about your party. If you are for law enforcement, you lose a block of voters and if you don't, you lose a block of your voters. If the democrat governors keep people locked down because of Covid 19 but they allowed marching in the streets and walked in public without masks themselves, you will definitely lose a lot of voters. Oh but I can hear them say the constitution and they had the right to protest but not the constitutional right to attend church. But fortunately for the democrat party, they have Joe Hiding to explain their platform.


Posted 10:09 pm, 06/13/2020

He should have been removed from office long ago. I don't like Pence one bit, but **** I couldn't imagine fearing for my country under his control like I do Trump.

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