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Protests expected tonight at Mecklenberg Courthouse hearing for Duke Energy rate increase


Posted 5:43 pm, 06/22/2023

Didnt know the federal government was required to raise rates for private companies, its almost as if the OP is very very limited mentally.

Such a wussy to blame the government for all your self inflicted money issues.


Posted 5:42 pm, 06/22/2023

You're blaming Biden for... a state issue? And for a private company wanting to screw you over?

If the state government approves the request, how is that Biden's fault?

Either way.

Duke is still paying for their Dan River fines, so of course they want to keep raising their rates

Luckily, we don't have to pay them anything! We can all buy solar panels and pay a fixed loan instead of a variable utility rate. And then... thanks Biden!... we can get 30% federal tax credits, too:


Posted 5:39 pm, 06/22/2023

Brandon needs money you liberal azzzholes better start ponying up.

DB Cooper

Posted 5:32 pm, 06/22/2023

Residential Power Bill Increases - 2024 / 10.5% -- 2025 / 3.8% -- 2026 / 3.6% ----17.9% Total

Let's go, Brandon!

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