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Gov. Cooper, staying in phase 2 for 5 more weeks
Just announced, no change until at least mid September

Cooper gets a big win and Trump.gave it to him
Spoiled brat Trump took his convention and ran.away. Cooper stood up for our health and safety https://www.charlotteobserv...22001.html

Legitimate questions about schools reopening
This was emailed to me, but I think it poses fair questions... What happens if a school runs out of masks or sanitizer? What if two kids ...

Will the Baby Rump balloon fly at the Charlotte clown convention
https://www.etsy.com/listin...la=1&gao=1 Or at Jacksonville too?

Gov. Cooper, masks are now required in all public areas
Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday issued a mandatory mask requirement across North Carolina and ordered a "pause" on easing any othe...

Term Limits for Congress
There's a Bill in Congress that wants to pass a Constitutional amendment limiting House members to 3 terms and Senate to 2 terms. What do...

16 year old boy attacked by a shark at OBX
You shouldn't go to the beach anyway, in the middle of a pandemic... but if you do, be wary of sharks! A 16 year old boy visiting North C...

Official thread to keep us posted on the 2020 GOP Clown Show
Will it be held in Charlotte? Or another city? Or two separate cities? Will Rump drive the clown car around Spectrum Center?

Riots and Protests all over
Can someone please explain what they're rioting over? The cop that killed George Floyd was charged with murder, so what outcome are they ...

Governor Cooper should stand up to Rump
https://amp charlotteobserv...78726.html

Governor Cooper and City of Charlotte Got it Right
Told Dr. Clorox and his convention not welcome

Violence reaches Charlotte

Trump threatens to pull GOP convention from Charlotte unless ‘full attendance’ allowed
Der Führer has spoken. https://www.charlotteobserv...77161.html

Richard Burr facing impeachment for insider trading
Back on Feb. 13, Burr and his wife sold shares of companies worth $1.7 million. According to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, thos...

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

Gowilkes only on cellular
Why is gowilkes only working on cellular data?

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

The sheriff is a true scumbag
https://www.newswars.com/ic...e convict/ ity and evil is their theme and it's putting our families at risk. Releasing a scum illegal kill...

Amber Alert issued for 3 year old Greensboro girl
An Amber Alert has been issued for Ahlora Ashanti Sample Lindiment, who is described as a 3 year old girl with brown eyes and black hair,...

Children's Books
Is there anyone out there that would be interested in some children's books?


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